Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Ishq-e-Mamnoon Lyrics

Ye safar hai ke kat-ta nahi
Tanha Tanha guzarta nahi
ishq-e- mamnoon hai phr be ye dil
ishq krne se darta nahi 
In khyalaon mein khoya rhun
phr umeedon se jurta chalun
kash is dil ki ek na sunu
ishq-e- mamnoon
ishq-e- mamnoon
ishq-e- mamnoon 
Phool kalion sa ye man khila
tum se milke mein khd se mila
yun lagey ke nya hai safar
han purana hai pr silsila 
mera armaan ho mera junoon
chal parun to phr na rukun
terye phelu mein aye skoon
ishqey mamnu
ishq-e- mamnoon
ishq-e- mamnoon
ishqey mamnu
boondh mein ek samandar sa hai
badloon mein kisi ghr sa hai
Ishq bin mangey mil jaye too
kahin rootey muqadar sa hai
faraz ko apney chup hi rhun
dil jo khta hai bus wo krun
ishq ka rasta na chunu
ishq-e- mamnoon
ishq-e- mamnoon


Miss U Poetry Collection

Thursday, 25 October 2012
It's still not easy
by Lindsey 
It's still not easy.

Two months have gone by
And still I question why.
Why you had to go away,
Why Josh, why couldn't you stay?

My cheeks are still drenched in tears,
A thousand, a millions thinking about all the years.
Josh, you can't even imagine how you are missed,
I miss your hugs, your voice, the touch of your kiss.

It feels like something is gone from my heart,
Without you in my life, it just falls apart.
I find myself thinking about you hun,
From the time I fall asleep at night, until I see the morning sun.

Joshua, it's seems so hard without you around,
I've been searching for a few answers and this is what I found:

Why did god choose you?
Because Shnookums you are an angel,
You are one of the very few.

Will you still remember me?
Whether it be tomorrow or years from now,
Someday we will see.

Joshua Joel you are missed so much,
You don't even know how many lives you have touched.
Just know that I think about you everyday,
In my life and in my heart is where you will always stay.

I Miss You Mommy
by Ashley
I miss u mommy
and I'll love you no matter what
even after
my eyes are permanently shut

theres only a few memories we share
but they're with me in every prayer
i like watching old Christmas videos
i love your laugh and your smile when it glows

when i dream about u
it makes me wish u were here
id give ne thing to see you again
to shed my last tear

i know your watching down on me
i hope i make you proud
but i cant wait until the day
i meet you on that cloud

I miss you so much Mommy
by Carebear15
I feel sometimes like I've truly lost my way
Sometimes it's hard to make it through the day
When I have the chance to sit and think
I stare ahead and never stop to blink
My heart is loudly crying out for you
My soul is crying out for love so true
I don't know how I've made it this long
I don't know how I've stayed so strong
I guess I am waiting for the day
When all of my pain will go away
It's been so hard without you by my side
Losing you took away so much of my pride
You are part of me, a piece of my soul
And until you find me, I will never be whole
I am so sorry that I let you go
And hope one day that you will know
That all I wanted was the best for you
Even though it's torn my world in two
The only reason I am still alive
Is the hope that you'll be by my side
I want you to know wherever you are
That even if the distance is far
You are always here in my heart and soul
And that I'm leaving this is God's control
One day he'll send you back to me
One day my heart will again be free
My love for you will never end
When you're back, my heart will mend
Just know a daughters love is forever
Even if we are not together

Please come home
by Unknown
Please come home,
I miss you so.
More then you could,
Possibly know.

Things have changed,
Since you've been gone.
No one to talk to
And no shoulder to cry on.

Our family and your friends
We all cried so much.
We miss you and your laugh
You're voice and soft touch.

I miss you and your smile.
I could add to this list,
Of everything I miss,
But there's no end, it doesn't exist.

I wish I could see you,
Just one last chance,
To see you smile,
Even if its just a glance.

I wish I could tell you
How much you meant to me
Just one last time,
Before you were set free.

Your life was too short
You had so much to live for
You were just eighteen,
And had places to explore.

Mom isn't the same
Without you in her life.
The emptiness in her eyes
Contains so much pain and strife.

Daddy has been drinking
He tries to forget,
What happened that day.
He drinks and smokes cigarettes.

It doesn't work though,
He just can't forget you.
He misses you so much,
And I do too.

Our brother is so sad
He can't cope with the pain.
A place in his heart,
Is where you'll always remain.

My sister, and your twin,
Still remains silent.
She lost her other half,
And seems so angry and violent

As for me, you're my idol
I just don't understand.
Why did you have to leave
Is it what God planned?

You have a place in my heart
I love you now, I love you still
I always have
And always will

I admire your strength
I admire your smile
I admire how you made
So many lives worthwhile.

The last breath you took,
You had a smile on your face.
And with that, I thank God
You're in a better place.

My Angel, My Sweet
by Ray 
My Angel, My Sweet,
How I long for us once again to meet.
How I long to run my fingers though your hair
and to smell your suculent perfume in the air.
Oh how I long to feel your face,
and to sense your gentle presence all over the place.
I want to caress your entire body so tenderly,
as I hold you so close, oh so lovingly.
And when we kiss, your passion I do taste.
How I long for the time that separates us to make haste.
For it is by many a mile that we are apart,
but never fear, My Angel, My Sweet, it is for you that beats my heart.
And that alone is enough for now to sense you near,
Until the day your melodic voice I once again do hear.
It is your love that once upon a time set me free,
And now it is with you, My Angel, My Sweet, forever together I want to be.

My Soldier
by Brittani
I miss you more,
than you'd ever believe.
When you come home,
I hope you'll never leave.

When you're around,
gray skies seem blue.
Cold air warms me,
when I'm with you.

The air smells sweet,
my heart skips a beat.
I've fallen in deep,
I dream of you when I sleep.

There's somethng about,
the way I feel.
When I think of you,
It's my heart you steal.

I hope you're safe,
wherever you are.
But I tell myself,
you're with me even
if you're so far...

So I'm waiting for you,
to come home to me.
To finish our lives,
and be happy and free.

Fortunate Forever
by Akil Tarvadi 
Baby since you have gone i do nothing but look at the stars and wonder how fortunate they are coz they have the moon to miss!!

Baby since you have gone i do nothing but look at the flowers and wonder how fortunate they are coz they have bees to miss!!

Baby since you have gone i do nothing but look at the sands and wonder how fortunate it is coz it has the rains to miss!!

Now baby since you have i feel myself to be so fortunate coz i have someone so special to miss but not as fortunate as the stars, flowers and the sands coz its the moon is going to shine, bees are goind to fly and its going to rain one day but I Am Going To Remain Fortunate Forever!!!

You left me in September....
by Danielle Siena

Now that you're gone
I must carry on-
you didnt mean to go-

all I ever wanted was you
to find peace here-
you struggled and prayed
and never found it-

so the Lord took my angel
on that September day
I know I cant come with you-

my heart beats no more
all of my tears never bring you back-

I talk to your stone
look to the sky and wait
for the day when i see my blue
eyed angel again-

Lord please take care of him-

I want to be with you
by Nikki
I want to be with you,
but your millions of miles away.
i wish you would call just to ask about my day.
it would make things so much better if i could hear you voice,
I guess i can't complain too much, after all this was my choice.
i wish i could hold you in my arms and look in to your eyes.
i promise i will always be true to you and never tell you lies.
its so hard to go to sleep without you by my side.
my tears are the only thing ill ever try to hide.
i lie awake in bed as the tears stream down my face,
they keep going until the hit my pillow case.

I Miss You...

Tell me what to do
by Mike
I could never explain why I love you so much,
It's your eyes, your smile, your soft gentle touch.

The first time I saw you I knew it was meant to be,
You'd spend your lifetime giving your love to me.

But I took your trust and broke your heart,
I pushed you away, forever to be apart.

The one thing I love more than life itself,
Ran away from me to be by herself.

I walk this house calling your name,
It seems so empty, not nearly the same.

I can't help but cry as I look at through your things
What hurts the most is to see your engagement ring

Sitting in it's case, inside this wooden box
I should take the key and see if it locks

And throw it in the woods, to try to ease my pain,
but it wouldn't matter, it still be the same.

All of these memories are inside my head,
sometimes I'd think I'd rather be dead.

Than to live my life without my one true love,
You're my shining star, my beautiful little dove.

I'd give everything to turn back time,
Back to the days when you were mine.

You were happy and our love was strong,
Neither of us could do no wrong.

I'm down on my knees and I'm begging you
tell me what it is I need to do.

To win back your love and rebuild our trust,
Cause to hold you again is an absolute must!

I Miss You Dreamer
by Kaitlin
You don't know how bad I need you here with me,
I need you more than anything more than I need to breathe

How do I last now that my heart has grown so cold,
Being without you its like my heart was put on hold

How do I stay warm without you to hold me tight,
I wish I was in your arms and everything was right

When I'm with you my body becomes weak,
I want to say I love you but its really hard to speak

I get this amazing feeling from my head down to my toes,
I cant explain it I'm like the only one who knows

I wish I could tell you exactly how I feel,
But words cant explain it this feelings just to real

I miss you so much and I cant wait to see your face,
Cuz when were together my heart begins to race

When I'm with you its like no one can get in my way,
Even when were apart I think about you all day

Thank you so much for always being there for me,
Its love like ours that were always meant to be

I Miss You
by Danielle Weaver
As I lay down at night
I think how things have changed
Ever since you entered it
My whole life's re-arranged
But I wish that i could see you sooner than i can
It's like you're a movie star
And i'm your biggest fan

But I miss you
Like i miss the sun on a rainy day
Like i miss the moon when it goes away
But the sun and the moon
don't mean nearly as much to me
As you do
I could live without them But i need you
And i miss you

Now that we're so far apart
I love you even more
Maybe we both love too much
But, hey, that's what friends are for
It's not that i pitty you
But I'll admit your life's been tough
I just wish that physically
I could be there when things get rough

But I miss you
Like i miss the sun on a rainy day
Like i miss the moon when it goes away
But the sun and the moon
don't mean nearly as much to me
As you do
I could live without them But i need you
And i miss you

You're always there for me
by Jaime
You're always there for me through both the good times and the bad.
You're always there to laugh with, or to help me when I'm sad.
Down at the mall even though we had no money.
Laughing at anything and everything, yet none of it was funny.
Walking around the block, or watching movies all day,
We never really ran out of things to say.
We howled at the full moons, would spin at parks until we were sick,
Helping each other through both thin and thick.
You live only two hours away now, but it seems so far.
I wish I could be down there, where you are.
No longer can we stay up late, talking all night long,
Trying to figure out, how things can go so wrong.
Why do two of the best friends you'll ever know,
Have to be split up, because one is forced to go?
If you ever need to talk, then just pick up the phone,
I know right now you feel it, but you're definitly not alone.
Although you may be feeling, somewhat out of touch,
Never forget that your London Friends love you very much.

You left me all alone
by Christine
As it turns from light to dark
My friends are all sleeping
But me, I can’t go to sleep
I’m wide-awake weeping
Just the thought of when I lost you
Makes me oh so sad
I remember it like it was yesterday
I felt so horribly bad
Everything was fine
Well that was what I thought
I loved being around you
And all the happiness you brought
The hugs and the kisses
Were so perfect to me
The connection between us
Was so easy to see
We were so close
It was like we could count as one
But then we split up
It was over we were done
Now I wish you would take me back
I want us to be together
I guess what I want doesn’t matter anymore
To you it’s like whatever
It’s also so hard for me
To see you walking down the street
I start remembering so many memories
They’re so hard to defeat
Its like they come back to haunt me
Every once in a while
Every little thing about you
Even your beautiful smile
The thought makes me sad
It all makes me melt inside
These are the feelings that I feel for you
The ones I’ve been trying to hide
But I can no longer do it
It’s killing me so fast
I thought we had it good
But I guess it couldn’t last
I don’t know what went wrong
Maybe it was too good to be true
Not knowing makes me go insane
I don’t know what to do
It makes me burn up inside
I can’t fight it anymore
I try to build a wall
But it always finds a door
I can’t quite find the reason why
You left me anyway
I treated you so well
I was so sure you would stay
Now I can’t get you out of my head
I miss you very much
I miss you not being here with me
And I miss your gentle touch
You had such a nice body
Not to mention a good complexion
You were always so smart
I miss your perfection
You were very kind
You always walked me home
Now I walk by myself
You left me all alone

My Heart Aches
by  Arielle
My heart aches when I talk to you
My heart aches when I don’t hear from you
My heart aches when I long for you

I don’t know why
You’ve taken over my thoughts
I can’t explain

You’re still a stranger
Far away
I want you close by

I miss your embrace
Holding you close
My heart aches
I miss u

I miss you daddy
by Dana Marie
Daddy come back.
I want you back.
Why did you have to go.
It's just not the same without you.
We still get mail with your name on it.
It makes me sad every time i see the envelopes.
Mommy's always crying.
She's always yelling too.
She makes me cry a lot but not as much as you.
I'm always thinking about you.
Your always making me teary-eyed.
I love you daddy why did you have to go.
I miss you a lot but you obviously don't know.
Otherwise you wouldn't have had to go.
God makes me mad because he took you away.
It's hard not to cry in church but i go anyway.
Sometimes when I'm all alone and i have time to think.
I think about you and i cry and cry and cry.
Some people think "oh you should be over this"
But then i think to myself you don't know how it feels to be in this pain
or to how hard it is to make it go away.
Councilors try to help me but they don't help at all.
My head hurts all the time, especially when I'm about to cry.
Its hard to type down these words as tears blur up my eyes.
When i try to speak about you i choke and then i start to cry
I miss you daddy why did you have to go.

I Miss You
by Bob Shank
I Miss You

silhouettes dance within my heart
casting omnipresent shadows of you
and yet there remains an echo
an eerie silence of loneliness
deafened by dreaded emptiness
in a place you once tread

those boyhood memories remain
absence the fondness you shared
the gentleness of your touch
supported by words of compassion
always teaching, reaching
no longer can I feel you

though I see you daily
from visions of the past
my soul aches to know
how long does death last....

Bob Shank Sept. 28th, 2005
Dedicated to my Aunt, who was
crippled from polio, and yet she
raised me, and taught me so much
about compassion and humility for
which I will be forever grateful...

I miss you like a cloud with no sun in the sky
by Deadnalone
I'm not sure where to start,
I don't know how to begin,
I guess I'll start with i miss you,
Cause that's what I'm feeling within,

I miss you like a cloud with no sun in the sky,
It has nothing to look up to and so it cries,
Crying raindrops fall onto the ground,
To just fade to nothing, nowhere to be found,

I miss you like a tree with no leave,
Nothing to move and drift in the breeze,
Leave scattered and sodden,
Walked upon, a broke soul down trodden,

I miss you like a mouth with no tongue,
It cannot speak, all these words left unsung,
They just hang in the moment, caught up in the mind,
Words left unspoken and all left behind,

I miss you like friends all alone,
Each missing each other, calling them on the phone,
It's like no ones answering your endless calls,
Pleas echoing along deserted halls,

I miss you like a lover torn away,
From the one she cares for and thinks of each day,
When she reaches for his hand, and when she reaches for his kiss,
And theres nothing there, only memories of this,

I miss you as a lover,
I miss you as a friend,
I miss your words,
Of how we wouldn't end,

I miss you as a tree,
And i miss you as a cloud,
I miss you with every tears i cry,
Each tear shows I'm not proud,

I miss you as i fall apart,
And i reach out for you touch,
And then i remember you're not there,
God i miss you babe, so much.

I Miss You Still
by Shannon
Where to start?
The seventh grade, your quirky sence of style and your passion for life drew my to you.
Your smile, was so warm and inviting, I could almost feel myself melt into it when you smiled.
Your eyes, the blackest of black, showed your every emotion.
We were almost nothing alike, we didnt have the same friends, sence of style, or love for music.
But I was drawn to you.
Some might have called it a schoolgirls crush, others a joke..but there was feeling there, a feeling that I never felt before.
You told your friends that you liked me, and they turned their noses up at me, being in a different group was hard, but we wanted it so badly.
December 12th, the school dance, you made me the happiest girl ever, we were finally together.
You were my first kiss, you held a special place in my heart.
A month and a half had passed, we were arguing constantly, and I being the fool that I was, broke it off with you.
A short 2 weeks later, when I was thinking about apoliqizing, I got the call.
"Hes dead" She cried,
"found in his living room"
My world became blurry, my eyes opened up like floodgates.
My knees got weak, and I wept.
Saying goodbye to you was the hardest thing that I have ever done. Your face so pale and lifeless, your smile that once welcomed all, was now cold and lifeless. Your eyes, showed no emotion.
Two years later, I think of everyday, and I Still Miss You

Think about you everyday
by Franklin Dean
I miss the way
Life used to be
I miss the smile
I used to see
I miss those times
I had you there
It felt so nice
You really cared
Don't know why
I'm feeling this way
Think about you
I blame myself
For hurting you
I blame myself
For all I do
It's all my fault
This is what I get
But I just can't
Give up yet
I finally realize
What I had
I'm so sorry
Don't be mad
I can't be perfect
I don't even try
But when your gone
I can't get by
Your in my head
Your all I think
I'm missing you
I'm on the brink
I can't remember
Before you came
Without you
It's just not the same
So much to give
But no one there
So much love
But with no one to share
I have these feelings
They feel so true
I can't say it any other way
I'm missing you...

I miss you
by MJ
I miss u so much if ud only know..
how im not able to let u go
eventhough so much time has passed until now
i havent stopped feeling bad and down
i still love you the same like when we were still us
i think i never loved someone so much
it seems that this pain is endless, theres no way to heal
this wound of my heart, this aching i feel
cause without you my world is not the same
youre the only one who can save me as im drowned in my pain
noone understands what im going through
in my whole life i never have felt this blue
my friends tell me that this pain will soon be gone
but they dont seem to know that im not that strong
without you by my side its so hard to get through
everyday without you i wonder if you still love me like i love you
you seem to have gotten over me so fast
you already found someone else and put me into your past
as if it meant nothing to you, the time that we spent together
when before you told we could last forever
but all the things you told me, you never meant them true
still i keep dreaming of me&you
that one day well be together again and in your arms ill lye
itd be the way again before we said our goodbies
a tear rolls down my face, knowing it will never be
because you went away and now youre nowhere to see
i lost you, eventhough you were never really mine
i lost my dreams and hopes when you left me alone to cry
you dont know how my world broke down when you went away
since then my heart broke bit by bit with each passing day
i would have done anything on this world
just to stay forever yours, your babygirl
but that didnt seem too important to you
you just left me for another and left me out in the blue
but i just want you to know i loved you like no other
and i still do though were no more together..

I Miss You When
by Satin
I miss you when
your smile was real
Slow creeping grin
the way it made me feel

I crave the days when
you would sing to me
Voice filled with laughter
and joyous glee

I yearn for all the times
those eyes stared into mine
deep, soulful, loving looks
nothing more sweet or divine

I ache for those days when
your embrace was strong
Where did you go
come home
where you belong

I miss you everyday
by Jessica
You live so far away
You are so close to me
I miss you everyday
I tell you all me secrets
I wish you could stay
I need you now in my life
I know I can't get my way
I think of you every night
My feelings I don't need to say
I need you so much
I'm going crazy today
You live so far away
You are so close to me
I miss you everyday

Missing You
by Kanya
You were on my mind when i woke up this morning
remembering your smile
i guess the next time i'll see your face
will take a little while
i was remembering your arms around me
love the way they always feel warm
with you by my side
i completely feel no harm
i was remembering your voice
makes my heart skip a beat
but without you baby
my whole body's weak
i was remembering our times
the good and the bad
the funny times when you cheered me up
and especially the sad
remembering your eyes
how they always meet mine
remembering all the little things you do
to make my life worthwhile
i was wondering when we'll be together
just us two
i guess i'm missing you more than i usually do

I miss you
by Sarah
I miss you
it hurts to think of everything we went through
I wish you could see my heart
I hate that we're apart
I cry for your touch
Baby i miss you so much
you've changed into someone i dont know
Remember when you told me you'd never let go?
What happened between you and i
i remember the nights we'd lay there and look at the sky
the point is i miss you
and i want to kiss you
I wish i could rewind time
and make you mine
But theres no way of getting you back
and now your just one thing in life that i lack
I dont know why things are like this
but i just wanted to tell you that its you that i really miss

I am alone...
by Ney ney
Im sitting here alone
realising your gone
i know i cant change things
i know i was wrong

they all say i dont need you
they all say im better off
they dont understand i love you
yet i never said it enough

i regret what i did
but i cant take it back
wish i could hold you
i want you back

i know you deserve better
i know im messed up
but cant go on without you
i miss you so much

baby im sorry
i know i said it before
i mean it more than ever
knowing our loves now behind a closed door

i didnt realise what i had
till i lost you
my heart bleeds inside
i cant forget you

cant you find it in your heart to forgive me
love me once again
tell me everythings alright
tell me its not the end

yet i know the end is now
i know youll never love me again
im sorry baby
that i was the one to let you down

Help me, please
by Erica
I'm staring at your picture now,
Clutched tight in my hand.
Trying to work it out in my head,
And trying to understand.

You abandoned me so quickly,
And broken, I'm left here,
Crying out the memories;
A different one per tear.

Nothing we can say or do,
Can change what I have done
And nothing I can say or do,
Can change what Ive become.

No matter what you say to me,
I know that I'm to blame,
Cause If Id just took your keys
All things would be the same.

So I'm sorry for the troubles,
And problems I have made,
And I'm so sorry that I couldn't change,
And drive you anyway.

I know your aware that I hate myself,
And now I hate me more,
Because again, I cant change the past,
To how it was before.

I cant take back all that Ive done,
And everything Ive not,
Cause I know more than anyone,
Whats done cant be forgot.

But although unheard, I'm sorry.
Isn't that what all drunks say?
Well for tonight, Ill dry my eyes
And put your face away.

But as I turn to put your picture,
I set my beer by the door,
Something shiny glints at me,
That I simply cant ignore.

I contemplated slowly,
But still I took them out,
While morals merely whispered,
All temptation did was shout.

So I'll take my keys and car
to the place where you met Christ.
Ive made the same mistake again,
But Ill make it more than twice.

Help me, please.

Why Do I Miss You So Much?
by Samantha
I can't believe how much you hurt me
Why do I even care?
I can't believe how much I trusted you
When you told me you would always be there.

If only you could see
Where I am at in my life right now,
If only I could see you jealous
Maybe I could move on somehow.

But to think of when I lost you
It cuts me deep inside,
Because when I try to think of the good times,
I can only think of the lies.

I can't believe I fell for it
How stupid could I be?
I can't say that I have moved on
Because without you, there is no me.

Everyone tells me to get over it
"It's not that easy," I hear myself say,
But I know down deep inside
If I just let you go, I would be okay.

How much longer do I have to wait
For that one special kiss?
For that day when you come to realize
That it's me who you can't resist.

Maybe it will come sooner than I think
Maybe I just have to wait,
Perhaps you have already realized it
Because there's no hiding that look upon your face ...

Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan Songs Lyrics

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan Lyrics 

Tere siwa kya jaane koi dil ki halat Rabba saamne tere guzri mujh par
Kaisi qayamat Rabba
Main wo kis tarahn se karun bayan jo kiye giye hain sitam yahan
Main wo kis tarahn se karun bayan jo kiye giye hain sitam yahan
Sune kon meri yeh daastan koi hamnasheen hai na raazdan
Jo tha jhoot wo bana sach yahan nai kholi maine magar zuban
Yeh akela pan yeh udaasiyan meri zindagi ki hai tarjman
Meri zaat zara e benishan
Meri zaat zara e benishan
Kabhee sooni subhun main ghoomna kabhee ujri shaam ko daikhna
Kabhee sooni subhun main ghoomna kabhee ujri shaam ko daikhna
Kabhee bheegi aankhun se jaagna kabhee beete lamhun ko sochna
Magar ek pal hai umeed ka hai mujhe Khuda ka jo aasra
Na hi maine koi gilla kiya na hi maine di hain duhaiyan
Meri zaat zara e benishan
Meri zaat zara e benishan
Main bataun kya mujhe kya mille mujhe sabr hi ka silla mile
Main bataun kya mujhe kya mile mujhe sabr hi ka silla mile
Kissi aaghi ki rida mille kissi dardgi ka silla mile
Kiss gham ki dil main jagah mille jo mera hai wo mujhe aa mille
Rahe shaad yuhin mera jahan k yeh yaqeen main badle mera gumaan
Meri zaat zara e benishan
Meri zaat zara e benishan
Meri zaat zara e benishan
Meri zaat zara e benishan