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we would say that the poetry of 1850 - 1933 is characterized by birth, for the first time, a national and patriotic poetry that reflects and expresses the problems involving the entire Mauritanian society. It is divided into two phases: from 1850 to 1901, at the dawn of colonialism, classical Arabic poetry played an   important in preparing their minds and awakening to the resistance to foreign aggression.
The second phase begins with the colonial penetration in 1901 and ends with the end of armed resistance in 1933: a year during this period the outstanding feature is the division of domestic public opinion and the country in two, not on tribal bases, but primarily in terms of conflicting interests of foreign aggression, something new in the history of Mauritania.   This situation has created a popular patriotic literature which was first completed classical Arabic poetry, for then surpass the quantitative and qualitative.


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